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diamond shine oven cleaning


All ovens are professionally cleaned using 100% biodegradable cleaning products. The back plate, inner racks and trays are removed and any other removable items and are placed in a van-mounted oven dip tank to be cleaned.

The glass and inner glass on the door are cleaned. all the built up carbon and grease is removed and cleaned from the inner casing of the oven, and all outer stainless steel is cleaned and polished.

After this, the oven is fully reassembled to look like new. If required the bulbs can be changed.

The cleaning process takes usually approximately 2-2.5 hours.


Whether your hob is gas, electric, ceramic or halogen, again all removable parts are cleaned and made to look like new. The burners are polished and any carbon is removed from the hob, which is then polished and left to look like new.

Extractor Hoods

The extractor fan paper filters can be changed, the carbon filters de-greased and the hood canopy cleaned and polished. Bulbs can be changed if required.


The Aga cleaning process involves a little extra time and can take up to 3 hours to clean. This again involves the removal of any racks and trays, which are cleaned in the van dip tank. The internal and external parts of the Aga are cleaned and polished, the inside of the hob lids are cleaned, and the inside of all doors are cleaned. This leaves the Aga looking like new.


Again like the Aga the cleaning process will take approx 3 hours dependent on the condition of the oven. The racks, trays and door glasses are removed and cleaned in the dip tank, all carbon and grease is removed and cleaned from the inside and outside of the oven and all the hob pan stands and burner items are cleaned and polished, and finally all stainless steel is polished to look like new.